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Grace Studio

"Where there is no heart, there is no art"

By teaching dance, we want to give our students the opportunity to learn an art form that truly enriches their lives. Dance is not just movement and steps, it is the language of the soul. It is an international language that all people can appreciate. Dance communicates deepest thoughts and emotions through the body’s movement. We don’t just teach students to master steps and techniques, we teach our students to dance with their heart. "Only then will they be able to give the audience something that they can carry with them forever, that they will never forget and it has changed them, though they may never know it." (Isadora Duncan)
We are strictly against selecting dancers according to their body type. In our mind, there is no "dancer's body". It is our task as teachers to create choreographies that make the dancer look beautiful and to encourage the student to dance with their heart. We don’t support unhealthy body images and the resulting unhealthy eating habits. At Grace Studio, we encourage cooperation instead of competitiveness.

Class Etiquette:

Be on time * Be respectful to your teacher and other classmates * Don't slouch on the ballet barre * No talking during class * No running in the classroom * Help your classmates * No chewing gum in class * Grace Studio teachers and students are diligent, modest and kind.

Dress code for Ballet

Hair needs to be neatly put up in a bun. This is very important to us. The dancers need to concentrate on proper arm positions but when hair is in the face, the dancers can't resist  to wipe it away. Also, pony tails are not enough as it is very distracting to the dancers when they are turning and the pony tail keeps hitting their face. * Proper ballet attire consists of a leotard, tights and ballet slippers. In Winter, leg warmers and body wrappers can be worn. No baggy clothes are allowed! In order for us to correct postures, we need to see the dancer's body. * Colors and style of ballet wear doesn't matter. The student can pick the outfit they feel most comfortable with. Being comfortable in what the students are wearing, helps them to open up and dance more beautifully.

You can get dance wear at:
* "Mom's" which is in the Gear up store at Ramstein Air Base


Modern Contemporary


Hip Hop


Jazz Dance







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